Five Leaves Left: A Tribute To Nick Drake | Jason Parker Quartet


Five Leaves Left: A Tribute To Nick Drake has been getting rave reivews! Here are a few. Click the link to read the full review:

“It is a restrained record that isn’t afraid to make a point, and it does so with assurance and feeling. In short, it’s human – and, thus, it is true music. As pleasurable to hear as anything that’s crossed my desk this year.” – Jon Wertheim, Rehearsing the Blues

“Endlessly listenable, accessible, genius jazz.” – Carol Weber Banks, Jazz Music Examiner

“Parker has an ear for putting together understated arrangements that reflect Nick Drake’s plaintive moods well.” – Patrick Jarenwattananon, NPR’s A Blog Supreme

“Five Leaves Left remains very much a jazz album—and a great one, at that—deserving of some serious attention.” – Greg Simmons,

“What Jason Parker and his Quartet plus Michele Khazak have done with these songs is nothing short of astounding.” – Michael Anderson, Gear Diary

“With rhythmic fluidity, lyrical solos, and an inescapable group personality, the members of the Jason Parker Quartet have made this music their own, 100 percent.” – Phil Freeman, Burning Ambulance

“The most finely crafted, deliberate and thoughtful jazz album to come out of Seattle in the last few years.” – Matt Watson, Spekulation

“The Jason Parker Quartet does a great job at staying true to the original material, while jazzing things up a bit.” – Stanton Lawrence, Bass Ramblings

“This is headphones, eyes closed, Bourbon in hand kind of music.” – Mike Conaty

“Wonderful arrangements and an inspired performance. Wonderful! Just listen and dream…” – Sal P., 2/3 a.m.

“Parker and his quartet make the tracks their own. Yet the album still captures the somber and textured sound of Drake.” – Spoony’s Music Diary