Five Leaves Left: A Tribute To Nick Drake | Jason Parker Quartet

Credits & Thank You’s

The Jason Parker Quartet:

Jason Parker – trumpet
Josh Rawlings – piano
Evan Flory-Barnes – bass
D’Vonne Lewis – drums

With special guests:

Cynthia Mullis – tenor sax & flute
Michele Khazak – vocals

All songs written by Nick Drake
Arranged by Jason Parker with the JPQ
Produced by Jason Parker
Recorded Dec. 26-28, 2010 by Doug Haire at Jack Straw Productions, Seattle, WA
Mixed by Don Gunn at The Office, Seattle, WA
Mastered by John McCaig at panicStudios, Seattle, WA
Original artwork by Michele Khazak
Photography by Darrah Parker, Carolyn Caster & Jim Levitt
Design by Nate Omdal

All songs © Copyright 1969, Renewed 1997. Warlock Music, Ltd./PRS, a div. of EverGreen Copyrights. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

© 2011 Jason Parker Music. All rights reserved.

Big thanks to:

Josh, Evan, D’Vonne, Cynthia and Michele for bringing this dream of mine to life!
Doug Haire for creating the perfect studio environment for recording.
Don Gunn & John McCaig for making the music sound so good.
Levi Fuller and all at Jack Straw Productions for your invaluable assistance.
Michele Khazak for the amazing artwork.
Darrah Parker, Carolyn Caster & Jim Levitt for the photography.
Nate Omdal for your design expertise.
Bruce and Nan Parker for your lifelong willingness to encourage and support my artistic endeavors. From piano lessons at 8 years old to your support of this project, you have enabled me to become One Working Musician.
And to my bashert, Darrah. Your constant love and support lift me up and help me believe that I can achieve anything. With you by my side, I know it’s all possible. Go Parker Industries!

Recording and production of the CD made possible through the Artist Residency Programs at Jack Straw Productions.

This recording was made possible by the 148 beautiful people listed below who pledged to our Kickstarter program. Your faith in and support of the JPQ is amazing! As you hold this CD in your hand, know that without you it wouldn’t be here.

Aaron Kassover, Adam Bamberg, Adam Meckler, Adam Sieff, Adina Levin, Ahamefule J. Oluo, Alex W. Rodriguez, Alexis Olsho, Amy Stolzenbach, Andrei Strizek, Andrew Boscardin, Andrew Durkin, Anika Lehde, April Johnson, Barbie Hull, Barton Carroll, Benjamin Morrow, Benjamin Solis, Beth Hamby, Bill Berry, Bill Karow, Binke Miller, Bob Fine, Brandi Larson, Brett Parker, Brian Moynihan, Bridgid Roney, Bruce Moore, Bruce Parker, Carri Bella, Carrie Akre, Catherine Palfenier, Cedric Padilla, Chad McCullough, Char Rawlings, Charles Burns, Chelsea Kearns, Chris Hodges, Chris Wurgler, Connor Briggs Desai, Curtis Davenport, Darren Walsh, Dave Dolengewicz, David and Ruth Barth, David Hill, David Hoffman, David Pierre-Louis, David Thomas, Debbie Watson, Don Fuerbringer, Don Rauf, Donovan Pfeifer, Ellen Schauer, Eric Bachmann. Erica Mercker, Ethan Thomas, Evan Flory-Barnes, Farnell Newton, Frances Herring, Geoffrey Keezer, Greg Bell, Greg Schlimm, Gregg Richter, Hilary Ratner, Ian, Ian Carey, Jamie Pierson, Jason Crane, Jason Kroll, Jason Linnell, Jeff Shattuck, Jesse Card, Jessica Hanaumi, Jessie Sawyers, Jim Kuemmerle, Jim Levitt, Jim McGeer, Joe Walker, John Dover, John Lilley, John Russell, Kai Weber, Karl Nelson, Katie Zaffrann, Katy Bourne, Kevin Allen, Kevin Meares, Kris Simonsen, Laura Bishop, Laura Buondelmonte, Lee Ingalls, Linda Meredith, Lisa Kadowaki, Lucas Gillian, Marc Krisman, Margie Maynard, Margot Laporte, Mark Lewin, Mary Whitish, Matt Gentling, Matt Rodela, Matt Watson, Michael Shadlen, Mike Conaty, Mike Lorenz, Monica Shriver, Nadja von Massow, Nan Parker, Nancy Guppy, Nigel Brady, Oren Sreebny, Pat Beemer, Paul Horton, Paul Stout, Penny Laporte, Rachelle Mee-Chapman, Randy Powers, Rene Yedema, Rich Huxley, Richard Rodseth, Richelle Gay, Rob Michael, Robert Rawlings, Robert Rutherford, Rodney Kinney, Roger Palmeri, Ron Weinstock, Ross Wardrup, Ryan Burns, Ryan Healy, Sara Mack, Scott Emmons, Senad Subasic, Shaula, Stanton Lawrence, Steve Lively, Sunna Gunnlaugs, Susannah Carr, Svenn Sivertssen, Sydney Applegate, Sylvia, Telamon, Tim Hurley, Travis Bingaman, Val Seid, Valerie Joyce, Wayne Stratz & Zach Powers.